Learn to Drive Fast

This is also known as the intensive driving course, permitting you to fit in the lessons in the time that matches you. People generally schedule the driving course around work, holidays or uni. Most people favour the idea of learning it all in one go as they want to learn driving fast.

What are intensive driving courses?

An intensive driving course helps all you need to know to pass your test into a little period of time with one-to-one tuition. It should deliver the expertise you need without costing the earth or taking up hours of time.

Fast Track Driving Lessons

The course content will be actually the same as a series of driving lessons, but it can often be tailored to target on areas that the learner is not comfortable on.

Most of these courses provide help with theory test for a plus fee, while mechanical driving courses are accessible, too.

How long with an intensive driving course take?

Intensive driving courses are for people who want to learn at a quick pace and correctly finish with a pre-booked driving test.

These courses are the best option for army personnel, and people who spend their time out of the UK.

There are extremely few driving schools that expert in an intensive driving course because they trust on their driving instructors to block out enough hours in their diary each week to offer to the just single person.

Fast Pass Driving

If you have already gained best experience and knowledge in driving, you may just need a little one 1 or 2-week intensive driving course, consisting of 12 to 23 hours.

Whereas if you are a full novice or have very pretty driving experience, you will need more training hours so a 3 to 4-week course would be the best way to go for you, so as to reject long periods in the vehicle.

Is the intensive course costlier than the normal driving course?

The intensive driving course is very affordable, although these courses are slightly costly than normal driving lessons.

I am 17 years of age, what if it wants to drive?

Several sixteen years olds do enquire this question. Unluckily, you cannot take up the theory test until if you are seventeen years of age. You cannot even apply for a practical test until you have experienced in the Driving Theory test.

Any disadvantage with an intensive driving course?

This technique of learning amazing yield results for the customers. The Intensive driving course needs pure willingness and commitment to qualify for the final tests. There are no disadvantages of this course.

The areas that we offer these courses are as follows: